Career Mode

This self-paced set of exercises is structured to provide a logical process for navigating the often hectic job search process. Because every designer is on a different journey, multiple paths through the material are provided to allow for customization.

Career Stages

Sustained career progression requires a plan that accounts for both where you are and where you are going.

Career Inventory

It’s better to build with what you have than dream about what could have been.

Case Study Writing

Regardless of how much polish you eventually layer onto your portfolio, it won’t mean much without case studies with substance.

About Pages

For years, the about page has languished in a realm of nonsense that added little value to your portfolio. It’s time to reveal who you really are.

Portfolio Homepage

Your portfolio home page will either invite people in — or driving them away.

Case Study Template

Templates are durable vessels that can be a sandbox for creativity — in the hands of the right designer.

Portfolio Style

The visual design of a portfolio is a delicate art of balancing the content’s weight with the need to apply a personal stamp to the overall work.

Build and Deploy

Rather than debating how you should build your portfolio, let’s discuss the merits and then get your site up and running!

Professional Path

Successful career moves are made by first acknowledging where you are and then carefully choosing the adjacent moves that make sense.

Online Persona

When everything you do is online, everything you’ve done becomes an issue. Taking steps to address the potential problem is required before the search can begin.

Professional Documents

How your resume and cover letter are used has changed. The need to create and maintain them remains.


There are never enough connections when you need them, but the actions you take today will benefit you greatly in the future.

Job tracking

The job search is simple, until it isn’t. The key is investing time upfront to avoid significant headaches later.

Interview Prep

Making it to the interview phase is no small feat, but an inability to display grace under fire could result in a short candidacy.


Staring at a blank canvas with the seconds ticking away could stress out the calmest designers, but success is possible with the right strategy.