EX06 - Case Study Template

Giving Content a Proper Home

Templates are durable vessels that can be a sandbox for creativity — in the hands of the right designer.

Updated July 29, 2020

At the core of every portfolio is the display of work for prospective collaborators and employers. In the realm of modern design, this is less a display of finished work and more a discussion about the production of that work.

Welcome to the realm of the case study.

If you’ve been working through this material in order, you’ve already written your case study. Having the content gathered significantly lightens the load, and allows you to focus on the task at hand — the actual design.

There are several factors to consider when designing your case study, but one reigns over all others.

Whatever you create, it must be easy to update and replicate.

Failing to meet this mark means that your portfolio will likely be neglected over time. If that happens, you’ll find yourself in the same position the next time you want to apply for a job.

To avoid that undesirable fate, use the guidance I provide in The delivery matters to ensure the template you create is durable enough for the road ahead.

Further review

Article Source/Author
The delivery matters New Pragmatic
Responsive web design basics


Building templates for existing content is an exercise in restraint.

This assignment’s goal is to produce a format for future case studies. As outlined in Content Templates, there are a known number of styles and grid considerations to use, but creating additional styles should be minimal.

Your case study template should leverage the case study content you previously produced. When complete, you should have a mobile and desktop version of the case study.

This work will be a guide for the development and deployment of the portfolio in upcoming exercises.

Once complete, update your Program Journal with links to the assets produced for this exercise. Post your Journal in the #Feedback-Loop channel for review.


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