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An award-winning designer and instructor with over 20 years of design experience, Chris has led or created design courses at Northwestern University, Columbia College Chicago,, and In 2019, Chris founded New Pragmatic to create an affordable alternative to expensive university and bootcamp options.

If you sign-up for a New Pragmatic design course, all feedback you receive and one-on-one mentorship sessions you attend will be from Chris.

Student testimonials

“Not only is Chris extraordinarily talented and a competent mentor/teacher, he goes above and beyond in ensuring his apprentices achieve success.”

Marta Fieweger

UX Designer at mcgarrybowen

“My design skills flourished under Chris’s mentorship. With his help, I pushed beyond my comfort zone and developed a design process.”

Ben Howard

Experience Design Lead at PNC

“Chris Courtney is exactly what you would expect of a dedicated, supportive and encouraging mentor, and then some.”

Zoë Chinonso Ene

Designer at Microsoft

At New Pragmatic, all courses are design courses...

Intro to Product Design

Push beyond the typical visual trappings of what design is to understand what modern design can be. This is a free course.

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User Experience Design

A project-based course covering at least 18 different UX methods together to produce research-driven solutions.

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Career Mode

The job hunt is often the hardest time of any career journey. Receive the mentorship and guidance needed to prepare for the interviews and negotiate with confidence.

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... and paid courses are only $500.00!

Why? Because the price of education is too damn high.

$10,000 isn’t a reasonable price. $20,000 isn’t a reasonable price. Signing away your future to pay even more via an Income Share Agreement is crazy.

New Pragmatic courses are two months in duration, feature mentorship sessions and daily feedback with Chris Courtney. Expert guidance at a reasonable price. The courses are structured to catapult you forward by delivering the support and flexibility you need — without anchoring your future with crushing debt.