EX10 - Designing Components

Building the LEGOs

Modern design begins with the smallest possible parts

Updated December 15, 2019

The body of the exercise should only be a few paragraphs long. Basically what mastery will allow the person to do in real projects.

For review (always provide at least two sources)

Article Source/Author
Title one New Pragmatic
Title two New Pragmatic


Create the body of the actual exercise here.

Part XXX: Use this structure if multiple parts are present.

In this exercise, we'll present the student with a finished dashboard for mobile and desktop. Then, they will be tasked with creating both a button and card style. Each style will contain varients of the initial style to reflect hover and selected state.

Once complete, update your Program Journal with links the assets produced for this exercise. Post your Journal in the #Feedback-Loop channel for review.

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