Researching Figma Plugins



Updated August 01, 2019

Start with overview of plugins. Where to find them.

Point out that the desktop app now have a dedicated top level nav for Plugins and you can also control-click to access them.

Start by creating a new file for mobile.

  • Use Mapsicle to get started
  • Explain that the maps are generated in Mapbox
  • Take them into Mapbox to show how to customize a map

Create a new screen and pull in a list view to demonstrate content reel...

  • show them the different types of data possible
  • show the language settings
  • pull up addresses to illustrate how it works with overflow
  • Content Reel doesn't support photos yet... but if you have a Google Sheet...

Pull in the empty circles on the side of the canvas and demonstrate how the Google Sheet plugin works

  • Show how it works with images first
  • demonstrate how the tagging aspect works (each figma layer to be styled should have a name that reflects the column populating it ... # + column name)

Test out Stark for contrast checking

  • grab two layers and manipulate the colors to produce poor contrast
  • run test

With several screens now available to connect, let's walk through Autoflow

  • Pretty simple connections
  • Repeat last plugin is very handy
  • can be a little buggy


  • Plugin shows a lot of potential
  • Offers ability to quickly create placeholder charts that can be helpful to give an idea of information to come without putting a ton of time into the work


  • sketch plugin ported for figma
  • paid plugin (10 per year, free for rest of 2019)
  • This is a half-step between custom work and work that looks custom.
  • ability to import data is key to improving this as a tool
  • everything is editable, including robust-enough setting


  • Show how to create account.
  • Show how to grab access token (pain in the ass)
  • Pick a project
  • Ship project to Marvel
  • Test updating to see if it stays in sync!

Variable font notes...

  • Works with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Wide support online

  • Custom width and height options allow ultimate flexibility to create custom variations of classic fonts to tailor look and feel for your brand

  • How to save styles?

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