Welcome to the craft

Beware of the potholes and assholes.

Updated March 15, 2019

Regardless of why you are here, I want to welcome you. My name is Chris Courtney, and I have been noodling around the world of design in various capacities for more than two decades. All the bumps and bruises collected on that journey led me to you.

I'm interested in you. I'd like to know why you are drawn to the field of design. We may never meet and that's not unique to this era of design. It would be easy to look at the advent of the internet as some great force that bound creator and user together, but designers have been connecting with their audience for centuries by practicing their craft and leaving artifacts behind.

The change that the internet has introduced is our ability to connect, which means that we have a far better chance of actually communicating with one another than any of our predecessors had. It's that unique ability to connect, communicate, and mentor designers from around the world that drove me to create New Pragmatic.

The primary mission of New Pragmatic is to help you meet your goals. Whether that's getting feedback on a project you are preparing for your boss or learning the very basics of product design, this company is here for you. I strategically picked this goal because I realize that most designers have some design background but few of the current educational models are built with your needs in mind.

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