Building confidence

Study after study has confirmed the fact that humans put an outsized importance how an activity ends. We can use this knowledge to our advantage to gradually build the confidence of users as they interact with our products. The more confident they feel when using our product, the more likely they will enjoy the experience.

Goals that are too big and tasks that are too long are rarely reached.

The trick to reaching goals consistently is understanding how much

For many, it is the size of the task that ultimately defeats them. Staying with a task is difficult, particularly if you don't know how long it will take or

On our own, most of us simply can't stay focused long enough

User Story Mapping, User Flows, Task Analysis... all are methods attempting to do roughly the same thing — determine the path the user will take to reach their goal.

  • Is it intuitive?
  • Are more steps nessecary?
  • Can it be shorter?

Turning goals into diagrams

User flows are one of the great magic tricks of design.

The creation of user flows is the point in the process where your giant word problem suddenly transforms into a visual representation of how you will attempt to

Most user flows follow a familiar structure.

As a [ type of user ], I want to [ accomplish a task ], so that I am [ meet some goal ].

/// from Jared Spool...

Many teams use user stories that look like As a [user], I need to [action] so [an outcome occurs]. With our scenarios and the personas from those scenarios, we can easily fill in all the pieces.

For example, using one of the personas I listed above, we can craft the user story of As a hiring manager working with HR, I need to share a draft of my job posting so my HR recruiter can add in details I’ve left out. Having both the personas and the scenarios to use as background information, creating rich user stories like these become simpler. They also give the developers more insight on where to take the functionality to make it work for the user.d

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