Researching Glide Apps



Updated August 01, 2019

Glide authenticates with your Google Account

Create your spreadsheet in advance

  • Start by linking to former colleagues
  • explain how spreadsheet tabs can create areas of the app
  • talk about the structure of the spreadsheet basically being a database
  • show how to clip overages in spreadsheet (Format > Text Wrap > Clip)

How to store images for Glide?

  • Twitter/LinkedIn links won't work for this purpose
  • Firebase or an AWS S3 bucket are ideal
  • Firebase also just uses your Google Account, so that might be easiest for people just getting started
  • Firebase is far more intuitive than AWS
  • AWS is faster in your browser to work with

Glide provides templates

  • iOS and Android are both present
  • A good way to see the Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design in action
  • Good way to see how data populates a template from a database

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